Portfolio Review

Our advisors’ combined 150+ years of investment advisory experience at Broker Dealers, Banks, and SEC-Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms allows us to offer unique insight into your portfolio.

Over the years, we have come to appreciate that strong diversification, low fees and tax-efficient strategies form the basic building blocks of a solid investment program. Unfortunately, most financial advisors recommend portfolios that are poorly diversified, expensive and/or tax inefficient in our view.

Our complimentary portfolio review
is designed to help you understand:

Portfolio allocation vs. lifetime financial goals and potential gaps

Tax inefficiencies

The impact of excessive or hidden fees and expenses

As experienced advisors, we aim to deliver the best investment advice and serve our clients by always putting their interests first. We have also seen the flaws that exist in the investment approaches of many of our peers.

What to expect?

Based on a review of your financial holdings, risk assessment, and investment objectives, we will conduct a substantive review of your portfolio and provide an analysis via Zoom or in-person that includes:

Portfolio Review Components

• Your overall allocation and how it may or may not meet your long-term financial needs
•Recent performance of your assets and overall allocation vs. benchmark returns
•Advisory fees and hidden/less obvious commissions, spreads and fee-inefficient holdings
• Any tax inefficiencies within your holdings
•Our recommendation designed to optimize risk, return and cost-efficiency

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