We are an independent investment advisory firm, formed by experienced professionals from established businesses.

e·voke /əˈvōk/ verb:
to awaken; to recreate imaginatively

The firm is the embodiment of our uncompromising focus on our clients and was created by a team of impassioned, independent, entrepreneurial thinkers with decades of experience advising ultra-high net worth individuals, families and non-profit institutions.

We understand the importance of proactive innovation and business evolution. We take our clients beyond the traditional to uncover unique opportunities for protecting and growing their investable assets. We aspire to set a higher standard of service and performance relative to the industry as a whole.

Our structure is transparent, flexible, creative, and allows for the thoughtful mitigation of conflicts of interest that we believe are pervasive within our industry. We own our firm and will consistently invest in its evolution to support and reflect the needs of our clients.

We have cultivated a talented team of professionals across varying disciplines. These “thought leaders” serve as a source for new and innovative investment themes and ideas. We collaborate with an expansive network of sophisticated investment firms, both entrepreneurial and institutional, that help identify and facilitate access to specialized investment opportunities.

Most importantly, we provide an ethical, intellectual, and deeply personal commitment to clients and, as such, strive to earn their trust to be true stewards of their wealth.

We transcend convention.

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