Our firm was founded on the premise that investing should be rooted in a fundamental understanding of how economies and financial markets function. We focus on identifying opportunities that have an asymmetric risk/reward profile (upside potential outweighs the downside) and implement this philosophy on a client-by-client basis, taking into account their investment goals, income needs and risk tolerance.

We recognize that future economic outcomes are highly uncertain, but that relationships between economic outcomes and asset class performance are far more reliable. By understanding these relationships, we build asset allocations that balance risk exposure through different economic environments, helping clients achieve more consistent returns. Our client-centric investment platform supports a transparent and disciplined investment process that emphasizes the separation of active management (alpha) and asset allocation (beta) to better manage risk. We have a strong appreciation for the benefits and characteristics of a balanced public markets portfolio, and an understanding of how to integrate that with a well-constructed alternatives portfolio (private equity, hedge fund, venture capital and real estate investment vehicles). Through access to our open architecture platform and our own alternative investment solutions, we are able to provide proprietary access to unique strategies and investment managers that can meet all types of investment objectives.

We believe in risk conscious investing, designed to create an acute awareness of possibilities before they unfold. We make tactical shifts in asset allocations based on changing market conditions, seeking to minimize losses during down markets and maximize gains during up markets. Moreover, our alternative investments platform seeks to take advantage of market dislocations and sector specific themes. We identify strategies that offer attractive returns with a low correlation to public markets and utilize the scale of our platform to seek favorable terms for clients. We invest alongside world class investment managers, whose access in many cases is beyond the reach of brokerage firms and who tend to think, sound, and invest differently from others. Our platform managers offer unique insights into the market, and naturally view risk in terms of capital loss rather than relative performance.

Our team recognizes that growing an investment portfolio during strong economic climates is the easy part and that the challenge comes in protecting clients during severe market downturns. We are rigorous in our design and implementation of investment portfolios that can withstand market surprises.

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